Marketing Management

Which Certifications can an MBA or PGDM Marketing Student Do?

In the competitive market scenario, a degree is just not enough. You need to have more than that, if you aspire to be the best and outshine at your workplace. You need to have an edge over your peers and colleagues. It is highly recommended that a student with MBA or PGDM in Marketing pursue some additional certification. This will be a feather in your cap and hence will make you more employable.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for marketing of products and service. It is taking over traditional market rapidly because of the advancement in technology and internet. Digital media has become the primary source of advertising today. The popularity of the product on social media platforms is a very essential factor that the consumers take into account. It involves marketing on different platforms like Facebook, Twittter, YouTube, Linkedin, etc. Also, email and mobile marketing come under digital marketing.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an online advertising service. The certification is issued by Google. It involves identifying the keywords or search terms that are most suitable for your product. You need to bid on those keywords. Google Adwords certification is globally recognized. You learn about the latest tools and techniques to run the AdWords campaigns. A number of students with PGDM in Marketing pursue AdWords certification once they have expertise in digital marketing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the web analytics service offered by Google for tracking and monitoring the website traffic. You can search where your best visitors are located and the terms the visitors are searching for on your website. Google Analytics certification requires you to have some knowledge of digital marketing. This certification is issued by Google itself.

Facebook Blueprint

This is used by all the large agencies and brands for marketing. Facebook Blueprint certification provides a better understanding of Facebook advertising. In short, Facebook Blueprint certification measures and credits your business knowledge in Facebook ads. This certification is a notch tougher than the other certifications, but officially recognized by Facebook.

Inbound Sales

Inbound sales is basically focusing on the individual buyers and their needs through phone calls, emails and other social media. It is also called as pull sales. Inbound sales certification involves inbound sales strategies, identifying your potential buyers, outreach strategies and so on. This is an ideal choice if you aspire to be a sales professional or already leading a sales team.

Event Management

If you don’t want to do a mundane job, event management is the right thing for you. Event management is organizing events and the other related activities like identifying the target audience, planning, coordinating and dealing with the technical aspects. There are various certifications and courses that help you learn the ropes of event management. You can even go for a diploma in event management. It can be a boost to your event management career.

There are endless opportunities for marketing students. It largely depends upon what you choose for yourself.


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